Fully-Functional Miniature GameCube Has Taken The Internet By Storm

The last few years have seen the gaming community on a serious nostalgia kick, and when remakes and remasters stopped cutting it, the likes of Sony and Nintendo turned to something a little more authentic.

Credit: Sony

Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic, miniature versions of the original consoles, launched to outstanding demand from fans thanks to the huge nostalgia (though Sony’s PlayStation Classic failed to impress with its lacklustre choice of games).

Unfortunately, it’s all been quiet on the mini console market for a while now, after rumours of a Nintendo 64 Mini were debunked by the company.

Credit: Madmorda

In lieu of any official tiny consoles coming anytime soon, one creative gamer has found a way to create their own.

YouTuber Madmorda has managed to make a fully-functional teeny weeny version of the iconic Nintendo GameCube, and it’s everything I never knew I needed.

Credit: Madmorda

Posting a video of the success to YouTube, Madmorda explains that the build was completed using a gummy candy case and a Nintendo Wii.

Check out the video in all its glory below!

YouTube video

Delving into more detail about the creation over on BitBuild, Madmorda writes: “Okay, okay, it’s not really a Gamecube, it’s a Wii.

“The idea of having a mini Gamecube has been around for quite a while, and once I even went so far as to see how small a GC motherboard could be while keeping it to scale.

Credit: Madmorda

“Obviously I’m glad I didn’t make it because I discovered this wonderful forum and the much smaller Wii motherboard instead.”

If you’re wondering how it all works, the parts needed are as follows:
-Omega trim Wii motherboard
-Controller ports
-Video plugs
-Power plug
-Small fan
-Power supply and AV cables that fit the plugs

The unbelievable creation will take a lot of time and effort, says Madmorda, who admits that finding the gummy candy case was a stroke of luck, but the build is seeing a huge amount of love online. Really, it’s no surprise!

Come on Nintendo, make the GameCube Classic happen!

Featured Image Credit: Madmorda

Source: Unilad