Top Twitch Streamer Calls EA A ‘Bunch Of Idiots’ After Annoying Game Feature Fail

One of Twitch’s most popular livestreamers, DrDisrespect, has lashed out at EA following a bit of a looting fail in Battlefield 5.

During one of his recent streams DrDisrespect called out the company in an expletive-filled tirade over the game’s looting mechanics.

Credit: Twitch

Check out the clip below – be warned, it’s NSFW.

“F*cking stupid dude, why did I pick up that weapon? ‘Cause your looting sucks! Hey EA, your game sucks! Who’s the guy who designed your looting?!”

He then called out the “bunch of idiots in AAA [game] development industries,” blaming them for the somewhat flawed looting in Battlefield 5.

Oh dear.

Credit: EA/DICE

DrDisrespect isn’t the only person who’s really not enjoying the looting system in Battlefield 5‘s new battle royale mode, Firestorm.

Although the new addition to the 2018 release has impressed a lot of people, it seems its biggest complaint amongst fans is the looting, with lots of people saying the system needs a lot of work.

The newly-released Firestorm has impressed a lot of players so far – something which is no easy feat in the over-populated battle royale genre.

Credit: EA/DICE

Have you been enjoying Battlefield 5’s Firestorm, or is the looting too much of an issue for you?




Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE