Top Twitch Streamer Says That Apex Legends ‘Feels Like A Demo’

In Apex Legends first month the game absolutely blew up. With massive player base and also a huge twitch following, the game looked almost unstoppable. However recently players have become bored of the game, even top Twitch streamers moving away from the game.

Most recently, Shroud, who is currently the most subscribed Twitch streamer along with a massive Apex Player rage quit the game calling it ‘PUBG all over again’. Oddly enough he then went on to play PUBG later in that stream.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The viewership for Apex Legends has also dropped hugely. According to  PC Gamer the viewership on Twitch has dropped 75% since the first month. This is only made more painful for Apex Legends players as Fortnite has remained where it was before Apex was released. However, Fortnite experienced a temporary blip in view count when Apex Legends launched (and everyone was trying it out), but it quickly bounced back to above 20m views and has remained stable ever since.

Dr Disrespect who is another top streamer who mainly plays battle royale games shares why he doesn’t enjoy the game anymore.

Another YouTuber and Twitch personality also had a lot to say about why he doesn’t play Apex Legends anymore – not only that it doesn’t feel like a complete game but he doesn’t like the lack of and the lacklustre nature of the updates that Respawn has brought to the game.

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Complaints about the game keep on coming:

Are you still playing Apex Legends and what do you think needs to be added to the game to get players back into the previously massive battle royale game?

Is it time that battle royales stepped aside and made way for something new and different. This years Call of Duty is apparently not going to have a battle royale mode involved in it. Could this symbolise the industry moving on from the place that it is in right now? Only time will tell.