Turns Out We’ve All Been Saying ‘Forza’ Wrong The Whole Time

Julia Hardy, gaming personality of BBC’s Radio One, has just exposed that we’ve all been pronouncing ‘Forza‘ incorrectly, and everyone’s shocked.

Speaking on Radio One about her game of the week, Forza Horizon 4, Hardy received a message from someone complaining about her pronunciation of the game, which she called ‘Fort-Zah.’

Apparently though, she’s actually right, and we’ve all been saying it wrong for years.

Check out the clip below, where Hardy exposes the truth behind Forza.

Twitter had a lot to say on the matter, which lots of people saying they’d always known the truth behind the Italian title.

Not everyone was thrilled with the revelation though, with one user tweeting: “How do you pronounce it??? For za or fortsa?? I prefer Forza personally so I’ll just use that if it’s ok with everyone else :/”

Did you know this is how you pronounce Forza?!