Twitch Star ‘Admits Committing Multiple Federal Crimes’ During Stream

Weird flex, but okay. 

Twitch is an odd place. You probably only signed up to see some games, but actually over the years you’ve probably seen more controversy than you have gameplay.

Credit: Twitch

Unfortunately, it looks like that isn’t set to change anytime soon, as Twitch continues to dominate the headlines thanks to the odd behaviour of its content creators.

In a recent stream, Twitch star Novaruu appeared to confess to multiple federal crimes, going into detail about her apparent criminal activities in a very frank chat with her followers. 

Novaruu said her crimes are mostly drug-related, claiming she’s previously smuggled drugs across various states in the US including New York and California. She also admitted she’s smuggled drugs across the Mexican border [via Reddit].

Credit: Twitch/Novaruu

She told her stream: “I’ve smuggled weed into Arizona and back. I’ve smuggled shrooms from New York to here. I’ve smuggled Xanax all the way from Mexico to L.A. I’d do it again, it’s fine… 

“I get off on, like, smuggling drugs.” 

Weird flex, but okay. 

Over on Reddit, the video has sparked a huge debate around the topic.

One Redditor commented: “absolutely she does [smuggle drugs]. 

“I think it’s incredibly annoying that she is so privileged, that for fun, she plays with the idea of going to jail which makes me think she’s never been. you don’t toy with the idea of going to jail, it’s a terrible time” 

Credit: Twitch/Novaruu

Another warned of the dangers of Twitch confessions, writing: “a ton of criminals get caught because they need to brag about their crimes to others…” 

Novaruu currently has over 52 thousand followers on Twitch.  It’s not clear whether her claims are true, or if she’s just playing a role for her fans. Either way, it sounds like she could get into a LOT of trouble.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Novaruu