Twitch Streamer MissMikkaa Completes 0 Death Elden Ring Run On Dance Pad

Twitch streamer and Elden Ring extraordinaire MissMikkaa has achieved the impossible again by getting a 0 death run on a dance pad. 

Swedish-born variety streamer MissMikkaa is most well-known for her bizarre ways of playing the action RPG Elden Ring. From playing it with a guitar, on a dance pad and console simultaneously and even with one hand, she has done it all. 

Now she has taken it one step further by taking her trusty dance pad and beating the game with 0 deaths. 

MissMikkaa Smashes It Yet Again

Starting the challenge three weeks ago and finally completing it yesterday, Mikkaa can add another achievement to her belt. She took to Twitter to announce the news with an accompanying video of her beating the Elden Beast.

I DID IT!” She announced. Dance pad with 0 DEATHS in Elden Ring!! I played the whole game without dying a single time on the dance pad, was so much fun. This run was any% but I want to do a all remembrance in the future with MALENIA included.”

In a reply to a comment exclaiming “How? That seems impossible even if u do know how to play the game”, she replied, “it’s all about good routing and being prepared! Most times I died on previous tries was due to something I didn’t plan for.” 

She’s unstoppable 

It remains to be seen how else Mikkaa will take on the dreaded Malenia but we can already assume it’s going to be impossible for anyone but her.

Credit: MissMikkaa

As a result, it is no surprise that she won the Best Soulslike Streamer during The Streamer Awards 2023. Her unique run ideas have made her a prominent part of the Elden Ring community and rightly so. 

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