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Twitch Streamer Permabanned From Twitch For Saying ‘There Are Only Two Genders’

Twitch is seemingly cracking down hard on its content creators.

Credit: HelenaLive

Twitch streamer HelenaLive has been making waves in the community after stating that Twitch permabanned her for saying there are only two genders.

In a video, which has been shared on Reddit, HelenaLive can be heard angrily and tearfully explaining her side of the story, in which she says that her personal opinion is that there are men and women with “no in-between.”

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In the video which can be seen on Reddit, (or watch below), she says that in the stream in question she’d also said that men are welcome to identify as women and women are welcome to identify as men but that there’s no middle ground when it comes to gender. She adds that she said at the time she is wholly supportive of the transgender community.

Reading an email received from Twitch, she claims Twitch stated this is her third strike that violates community rules, leading to her partnership with the channel to be terminated.

Following a string of emails which HelenaLive doesn’t share in the video she is told that her channel will be permanently banned.


Credit: Twitch

She says in the above clip: “The email conversation [with Twitch] starts…’Hey they Helena. Unfortunately I have been informed about one of your recent actions that has been against our community guidelines. Since this is the third time you’ve been reported for hateful content in the last two months, we will be moving forward with terminating your partnership at this time.’

“Your recent behaviour has proven your lack of understanding of what hateful speech is and how it may affect your community or your channel…Several of your statements have been found offensive towards the transgender community and we won’t tolerate this behaviour.'”

Helena went on to say: “I’m not going to say what I responded [with]. I responded in three emails. It’s a lot. I said a lot of things…

“[In the stream] I was telling everybody that I believe biologically there’s two genders…I think there’s the woman and the man, that’s what biology tells us…there’s no in-between.”

She added: “I specifically said ‘it’s okay if a man wants to be a woman or a woman wants to be a man, [but] you cannot be anything in between.’ I said I supported the transgender community – I never said I didn’t – They banned me because I said there’s two genders.”

In the video, Helena reads the emails from her phone but doesn’t show the content, leading Redditors to believe she might be concealing something…

Credit: HelenaLive

One user wrote on the thread: “Unless she screenshots the ban reason I ain’t believing that.”

Another added: “[the streamer] Knut literally said this same thing literally verbatim on Hasan’s stream in the last week, with staff in the chat.

“There is no way this was Helena’s ban reason.”

Streamer sodapoppin has also been seen sharing a similar opinion on Twitch, and yet hasn’t received a ban. This could be down the fact that Helena is told this is her third offence, but others are suspicious of the claims

What’s your opinion?

Featured Image Credit: HelenaLive.

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