Twitch Streamer With $2.5 Million Setup Shows Off His Rig

It’s pretty normal for Twitch streamers to tell their viewers about their setups. Answering queries about which microphone or camera they’d recommend is part and parcel with the life of a streamer now, but sometimes you come across someone who has a rig that’s incredibly…well…expensive.

Credit: Twitch

Twitch streamer DAL213 might have one of the most expensive setups on the whole of the platform, and he was more than happy to explain his rig to popular entertainment streamer and host Rajj Patel [via Dexerto].

DAL213, real name Nico, has a $2.5 million streaming setup in his own that’s a perfect full-size flight simulator with some of the best graphics you can imagine.

Credit: DAL213/Twitch

One of the most impressive things about the rig is that it fits into Nico’s Manhattan home, but I suppose if you can spend millions on a flight simulator for streaming, you can afford something bigger than a box to live in.

Nico’s, frankly absurd (in a good way) streaming rig comes with a butt-load of features, and even recreates in-air turbulence for the full flying experience.

The setup needs a nine-core workstation processor to run the jaw-droppingly immersive visuals, and Nico estimates the cost of the rig to be around $2.5 million, thanks to a series of custom-created parts sourced from Germany.

Interestingly, Nico explained during Patel’s stream that he’d always wanted to follow his dream of being a pilot, but instead opted to follow the money-making route instead. His set-up is totally inspired by his love of flying, and perfectly emulates the experience. Best of both worlds, right?

Check out the pair in the video below!

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Featured Image Credit: DAL213/Twitch