Original God Of War Director Announces Upcoming Horror Game

Long before the 2018 God of War, the franchise was a much-loved cult classic, spearheaded by video game designer and director, David Jaffe.

Jaffe, who directed the original God of War back in 2005, might be absent from the series now, but he’s hard at work on a brand-new project that’s definitely up our alley.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Sharing the news on Twitter, Jaffe announced he’s working on a brand-new horror title, saying: “I’m designing/writing something new these days. It’s a single player, horror game that is attempting something new with in-game storytelling and I am in love with it.

“I have shown NO ONE what I’m working on. And thus I have no funding and no interest in the project. When I DO show the world,it MAY be that everyone hates it and no one wants to make it. Or it may become the next big thing. At this stage, I don’t get to know.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio

“There are days this lack of knowing is incredibly stressful and scary. I consider myself a pro and thus I will push thru the fear and keep going. But I wanted to share: no matter your level of exp, there will be times this stage is TERRIFYING. But it’s also a lot of fun!:)”

Naturally, the news has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community, despite Jaffe’s concerns. Hey, who isn’t afraid of putting their neck out and trying something new?

Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Jaffe’s talents in the industry are known far and wide. Along with the 2005 God of War, he co-directed the sequel along with Cory Barlog.

He’s also the co-creator of the Twisted Metal series, so yeah, this is a guy who knows what we want from a video game!

One fan responded to the news saying: “I believe in this new game from my hero the legendary David Jaffe I cant wait to see more and if I could I would fund and support it the best I can.”

Are you excited for this?

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio