Typical Ubisoft.

Ubisoft China Apologises After Releasing Mug With Handle On The Inside

Ubisoft China has apologised after releasing an official mug which featured the handle on the inside.

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As spotted by GamesRadar, the laugh-out-loud blunder was shared to Twitter by video games data analyst Daniel Ahmad, who confirmed the item has now been removed from sale.

Ahmad shared two images of the mug, which comes from Ubisoft China and Chinese clothing brand, Sheepedia. According to Ahmad, the mug isn’t actually supposed to look like this (surprisingly), and instead is the result of a production “bug.”

Credit: Ubisoft

“Ubisoft China and Chinese clothing brand Sheepedia recently collaborated on some joint products. Today the company issued an apology that it would no longer be releasing the Ubisoft x Sheepedia mug due to a “bug” during the production process which caused this..,” Ahmad said.

A lesser person might argue that a mug with the handle on the inside isn’t the worst product to come from Ubisoft…

Speaking of Ubisoft, the company is reportedly working on two “AAAA” games – only one of which has been confirmed so far.

The news comes from Twitter user bogorad222, who stumbled upon two VERY interesting LinkedIn profiles from Ubisoft staff members, Cyril Masquilliere and Yoni Dayan.

The first is the previously-announced Beyond Good and Evil 2, a game which we first heard about during E3 2017 and have heard basically nothing of since. According to the LinkedIn of Masquilliere, who works at Ubisoft Paris as Senior Art Technical Director, the game is a “Next-Gen, AAAA, Open Universe” title.

It also seems as though Ubisoft has an unannounced game under its belt too – at least according to Dayan, who works at Ubisoft Berlin.

As spotted by the Twitter user, Dayan’s profile cites his current role as being an “intermediate role in production for an unannounced Quadruple A game (Sept 19 – Now)”

What that game could be is anyone’s guess – maybe the Ubisoft Forward event taking place on September 10 will shed some light on this mystery.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft China