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Ubisoft Employees Launch Petition For Public Support To Improve Working Conditions

Ubisoft employees have launched a petition seeking public support in the hope of improving the companies’ working conditions.

Ubisoft is no stranger to allegations from employees and working conditions. Further pressure was piled on to the company following the lawsuit made against Activision Blizzard earlier this year.

activision blizzard
Credit: Activision Blizzard

The allegations made against Activision Blizzard prompted an open letter from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. The open letter was heavily criticised by Ubisoft employees as they wanted to see action and not words.


However, as reported by Eurogamer, by launching the petition and generating public support, Ubisoft employees hope to push the company in taking action to improve the working environment.

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Credit: Ubisoft

In a tweet from “ABetterUbisoft,” supporters were informed: “100 days ago we signed our open letter and set out our four key demands. None of our demands have been met. So today we’re launching a new petition, open for ALL our supporters to sign.

Furthermore, with the support of the gaming community, A Better Ubisoft aims to:

  • Stop promoting, and moving known offenders from studio to studio, team to team with no repercussions. This cycle needs to end.
  • We want a collective seat at the table, to have a meaningful say in how Ubisoft as a company moves forward from here.
  • Cross-industry collaboration, to agree to a set of ground rules and processes that all studios can use to handle these offences in the future.
  • This collaboration must heavily involve employees in non-management positions and union representatives.

If you would like to support the campaign, you can sign the A Better Ubisoft petition here.


Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft