Ubisoft’s Interested In Black And White Assassin’s Creed For New Portable Console

And you’ll play it with a crank.

Credit: Playdate/Panic

When you think of AAA games it’s hard to ignore Ubisoft and its incredibly lucrative Assassin’s Creed series.

The AC franchise is one of the most iconic out there, and although there’s been one or two flops along the way, it’s a mainstay series for gamers.

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Credit: Ubisoft

So, when Ubisoft responded to Playdate on Twitter, asking for a casual slide into its DMs, it definitely caught some attention.

Playdate is an upcoming new handheld gaming system from Panic. The pocket-sized console features a black and white screen, comes with a bunch of new games and has a crank. A crank. You have to admit, it’s definitely innovative.

Over on Playdate’s website, the description reads as follows: “For over 20 years Panic has mostly made Mac and iOS software. Twenty years is a long time, and we wanted to try some new things. To make the most of what we have.


“That’s why we started publishing games, like Firewatch and, soon, Untitled Goose Game.

“But what if we could push ourselves even further? What if we could build something? A real something that you could hold?

“It was harder than we thought, but it’s here.”

Credit: Playdate/Panic

Playdate promises 12 brand-new video games (one per week), with some surprises and mystery thrown in.

Revealing the exciting news on Twitter, Playdate told one interested gamer that there’s no plans for AAA games (naturally), “unless we can convince Ubisoft to make a totally black-and-white Assassins Creed game that uses a crank. I mean I suppose it’s worth a try, what do you think @Ubisoft?”

Ubisoft seemed incredibly keen on the idea though, responding saying “Our DMs are open if you wanna chat.”

A crank-powered black and white Assassin’s Creed game?! Sign me up!

Playdate, which you can check out here, looks insanely cool. If you’re interested, you can sign up right now.

Credit: Playdate/Panic

(Oh, and as for the crank, the website states: “It flips out from the side, a rotating analog controller that puts a whole new spin on games.” Not all games will use it).

Sounds fun!

Featured Image Credit: Playdate/Panic

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