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Ubisoft’s NFT Plans Also Include Introducing Rabbids To Blockchain

Ubisoft seems to be going full steam ahead with NFTs, as the Rabbids are joining a blockchain game called The Sandbox.

Remember when Rabbids was a Rayman thing? Those were simpler times. Now they’re a whole sub franchise of their own. With a number of games, and even one surprisingly good crossover with Mario. Whether you like Rabbids or not doesn’t really matter, because clearly they’re here to stay.

The next stop for them is a blockchain game. The Sandbox has been around since 2012, but the brand was acquired in 2018 and subsequently turned into a blockchain game.

YouTube video

There’s nothing particularly special about The Sandbox, other than it’s a sandbox game. And now, Rabbids are making an appearance. The trailer announcing their arrival shows them ‘invading’ The Sandbox, in typical Rabbids fashion. Only it’s in a mostly plain-looking voxel art with incredibly stilted animation. In The Sandbox, you can buy LAND on the blockchain, and ‘premium’ NFTs. You can of course sell all of this on, but considering it’s just a grift, no one is really going to become a millionaire overnight. 

What you will actually be able to do with Rabbids in The Sandbox is unclear, but they’re there, and that’s the selling point isn’t it? The Sandbox isn’t really different from any other game, and just makes a chore out of what should be a casual experience. But hey, if you’re a Rabbids fan, at least you’ve got that.

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft/ Animoca Brands