UK Government Wants YOUR Opinions On Loot Boxes

The UK Government is calling for gamers’ true opinions on loot boxes, the in-game purchases which give different odds of scoring rare or “worthy” cosmetics and items for your game characters.

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Loot boxes have been a sore point for gamers for a while now, with many condemning games that feature them – especially if they employ pay-to-win mechanics which encourage players to spend more on microtransactions.

Over the last few years, various governing bodies across the world have looked at loot boxes and debated whether or not they can be considered gambling. Belgium banned loot boxes in video games back in 2018, stating they were an unregulated form of gambling.

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It’s not just the gambling aspect that has governing bodies worried though, as it’s also a concern of many that loot boxes and microtransactions are “targeted” at younger gamers as a means of exploitation.

Although you might think the UK Government has too much on its plate right now, it seems as though the issue of loot boxes is as hot as ever, with the governing body now calling on consumers to give their opinions on the in-game mechanic.

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As noted by Eurogamer, the UK Government website is looking for “the experiences of players and their parents or guardians as well as rigorous, high quality data and research from video games companies, academia, civil society as well as any other organisations with an interest in this issue.”


Whether you’re a player, a parent or a gaming organisation, you can go and offer your thoughts and feelings on the matter to the UK Government.

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If you feel particularly strongly on the matter you can submit your experience right here. You’ll have until 22nd November to vent, before submissions close. Whether you want loot boxes banned, or whether you want them to stay, now’s the chance to have your say!

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard/Unsplash