Undertale Will Launch On Switch With A Stunning Collector’s Edition 

Undertale is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time and fans of the classic title have eagerly been awaiting a Nintendo Switch version of the game. 

It seems like the wait is almost over though, as the game’s developer Toby Fox has just confirmed that Undertale will be available on Switch in September 2018. 

Announcing the news via Twitter, Fox wrote: “UNDERTALE will be releasing for Nintendo Switch in September in all regions!!! (Exact date still forthcoming!!!) 

“Obviously you can download the game on release, but if you wanted to pre-order the physical collector’s edition, do it here on Fangamer. 

“(UT merch is also on sale!!)” 

The collector’s edition – which is particularly showstopping – is exclusive to Fangamer, and it includes a load of lovely extras if you’re an Undertale fan. 

Even if you don’t have a Switch, the special edition is still available for PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC. 

According to the site’s listing, the collector’s edition includes: “The complete UNDERTALE soundtrack: Over 100 songs on 2 CDs; UNDERTALE sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by Toby Fox, A 14k gold-plated brass music box locket, A sturdy matchbox-style collector’s box, A standard edition copy of UNDERTALE for PS4, PS Vita, or PC. 

“Both the Collector’s and standard editions include: A 24-page storybooklet illustrated by Temmie Chang.

“Our new Nintendo Switch™ Collector’s Edition includes all the existing collector’s edition bonuses, plus a new slipcase.” 

The collector’s editions will set you back between $64-$69 USD depending on the console, while the standard versions of the game can be picked up for between $25-$30 USD. 

Will you be picking up a new copy of Undertale, or is this a collector’s edition one you’ll be skipping?