Unlucky Sea Of Thieves Player Comes Across Two Most Powerful Monsters… At The Same Time

Sea of Thieves has been known to throw players a curveball every now and then, but one unlucky player got more than he bargained during a recent play session. 

YouTuber GamingGree recently uploaded a video showing a Kraken and a Megalodon spawning in the same area, and as if things couldn’t get any worse, it’s happening during a storm. 

The players make a valiant attempt to stave off their attackers, but holes in the boat ultimately lead to their doom.

YouTube video

You can watch GamingGree in the video above, but be warned, it’s tense viewing! 

Better luck next time maybe? 

Judging from some of the comments on the video, Sea of Thieves players are encountering this strange phenomenon more and more, with lots of people sharing similar experiences of the entirely random double-beasty spawn. 

Although you have to be really, really unlucky to face off against the two in the same area, some gamers are keen to undertake the challenge, asking for tips on how to increase the chances of meeting the sea shark and the Kraken at once. 

Random spawns like this are exactly what’s needed to keep a game fresh and entertaining, as even veteran players might find themselves struggling as much as they would in a Dark Souls game should they come across the two giant and destructive sea creatures. 

Since launching on PC and Xbox back in March of this year, Sea of Thieves has gotten itself a pretty big fan following, despite a mixed reception of the game upon release. 

Although the game does have its flaws, it really is a true reflection of the very real and very silly fun that we’re used to seeing from the game’s developer, Rare. 

Have you ever gone up against a Kraken and a Megalodon? Let us know if you have!