Monster Hunter Is Getting a Movie, Paul W.S Anderson Directs and Guess Who Stars?

According to Variety, Capcom has given the green light for a Monster Hunter movie.  The movie will be directed by Paul W.S Anderson, so can you guess who will this video game to movie adaptation will star?  I bet you can’t guess?  Are you sat down before I drop this bombshell upon you?  Well here it is, it will star none other than the wife of Paul W.S Anderson; Milla Jovovich!  Yes I know, shocking isn’t it?!

Joking aside, this news should come as little surprise as Paul W.S Anderson has directed four of the six Resident Evil movies from Capcom with Milla Jovovich starring in them all.  As many of you will know, Anderson also directed the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, so he’s no stranger to video game to movie adaptations, whatever you may think of his movies.

In terms of business, to be fair, this makes complete sense for Capcom and Constantin Film, as the final Resident Evil movie alone (The Final Chapter) made over $312m worldwide and the series as a whole has grossed over a billion dollars!  Then you consider that the recent release of Monster Hunter World selling over 7.9 million units for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which resulted in it being Capcom’s best selling game of all-time.  So with the Monster Hunter movie expected to have a budget of around $50-$60 million, at least in terms of revenue, the movie will likely be a success.

The Monster Hunter movie will begin production this coming September and will shoot in and around the area of Cape Town, South Africa.  Are you excited for this Monster Hunter movie or do you just wish that Paul W.S Anderson video game movies will just go away forever?  Let us know across our social media channels.

Source: Variety