The Skins Fortnite Players have been Begging Epic Games for are back in the Store

Another week, another slew of Fortnite updates, patches and new content from the lovely people over at Epic Games, and we’ve got some sweet extras this time around. 

Epic has just released two brand-spanking-new outfits (well, returns of previous outfits…) and they can pretty much guarantee you’ll be battling – or getting killed – in style. 

The two new additions are the Raven outfit and the Jailbird outfit, and both look incredibly cool, especially if you missed out on picking these up last time they were available.

The Raven outfit is perfect if you’re counting down the days until Halloween – even if it’s too early for you to dress up, your Fortnite counterpart definitely can get into the spirit! 

With the Raven outfit you’ll be looking suave in a feathery cloak, smart shoes, matching Iron Cage back bling and very scary/cool glowing purple eyes. The back bling is even named after Edgar Allan Poe’s iconic poem, The Raven. 

To scare your enemies to death (not really) you can swoop around by adding the new Feathered Flyer glider to your collection for the full scary ensemble. 

The second new costume, the Jailbird, is pretty much what it says on the tin. Giving off all those old-fashions The Sims vibes, this stripey black and white outfit is an instant classic. 

Available in both male and female versions (called ‘Scoundrel’ and ‘Rapscallion’ respectively), the only difference is the back bling. Males will get the Strongbox back bling and females will nab the Burgle Bag. 

The Starry glider and Nite Owl axe complete the burglar set. 

All of the new goodies are available for purchase from the game’s store right now, with prices ranging from 800 V-Bucks for gliders, to 2000 V-Bucks for full costumes like the Raven. 

They’re only going to be available for a limited time, so if you’re keen on picking up some new gear then best act quickly!for

Which of the new outfits is your favourite, and will you be shelling out the V-Bucks on these new clothing options? 

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