Valorant announces new agent, Gekko

Valorant has recently announced their newest agent, Gekko. Hailing from Los Angeles, the game’s latest initiator is already proving a hit. 

Gekko is the latest agent to be added to Valorant’s roster and with an exciting bunch of abilities, fans are eager to get their hands on him. In a trailer released yesterday, we meet Gekko as well as his “crew of calamitous creatures”. 

Known as Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash and Mosh – these creatures aid Gekko in battle. 

YouTube video

Gekko’s Abilities

Dizzy is sent out to seek enemies. When found, it will fire out plasma blasts to any enemy in their line of sight, causing them to be blinded. Once this ability is over, Dizzy will be on cooldown and must be interacted with to reclaim. It can also defuse a planted Spike.

Wingman also seeks enemies and uses a concussive blast on enemies. Its alt fire can also set down the Spike on the point if Gekko has his Wingman available. This ability is also reclaimable after cooldown. 

Mosh is Gekko’s grenade ability. Aiming it at an area will cause it to duplicate before detonating after a short delay. 

Finally, Thrash can be maneuvered through an area and activating it will cause it to lunge at an enemy. This will result in them exploding and detaining any enemies in its radius. This ability can also be reclaimed after its cooldown.

A Unique Challenge

Valorant’s narrative writer, Joe Killeen has also revealed that Gekko was a unique challenge during development. This was due to them wanting to add a unique spin to the agent’s abilities. “Deciding what to call Gekko’s abilities was a unique challenge compared to past Agents. Each ability was also one of Gekko’s buddies, characters unto themselves,” said Killeen. 

Credit: IGN

Gekko will be introduced to Valorant when Episode 6, Act 2 launches on March 7. 

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