Warner Bros Multiversus Screenshots Have Leaked Online

Screenshots, stages, control schemes and more have been leaked for the Super Smash-inspired, Multiversus from Warner Bros.

Last month reports were doing the internet rounds that Warner Bros will release a Super Smash Bros. inspired brawler. The rumoured game would also be developed by Mortal Kombat studio, NetherRealm.

However, further details have leaked which adds more fuel to the speculative fire that the Multiverse brawler is real and it’s already in development. As reported by mp1st, documents for Warner Bros’ Multiversus were shared on the PapaGenos Discord server.

In the leaked images, we see characters and stages from Fin and Jake’s Treehouse from Adventure Time. We also see DC’s Wonder Woman and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. The control schemes also reveal that PC and Xbox will be available platforms. Though I am sure the game will also come to PlayStation and perhaps even Nintendo Switch.

In terms of other details, Resetera user Sponge was kind enough to compile all the added information below. According to the post on Resetera, Multiversus will even feature content from Game of Thrones.

According to a post on Resetera:

  • Finn plays like Coin Battle (think like Steve in Smash, where he needs resources in a way)
  • Shaggy is literally based entirely on Ultra Instinct Shaggy
  • No sign of Morty in Rick’s move-set
  • No sign of Big Chungus in Bug’s move-set
  • Garnet from Steven Universe and Arya from Game of Thrones are in [This is extremely significant as it confirms that different play-testers had different, incomplete rosters. This explains how the Reddit leak, Xbox photo leak, and now this guy knows about characters the others don’t.
  • Bat Cave, Finn’s Treehouse, and Schwifty Planet are stages. They have multiple variants, but that’s likely the devs just testing which one they want.
  • Every alt is a full costume. Since the game is a WIP, some characters have multiple alts, and some have none. The alts he saw include Pickle Rick, OG Harley, Bizarro Superman, Cake (female cat Jake), Pirate Tom & Jerry, Gentleman Shaggy. VAs changes for alts
  • It’s %-based, like Smash, if that wasn’t already obvious.
  • Rick is projectile-heavy, and uses his portal gun, leaving portals that allies can go through, but not enemies. Also has an AoE attack that turns you into a helpless baby version of the OC.
  • Tom and Jerry are more like Rosalina & Luma, with Jerry being Luma, except Jerry can’t be hurt. Stuff like an attack where Tom swings a tennis racket and Jerry is the ball.
  • OC is named Rein maybe

As always, we must take all rumours and speculation with a pinch of salt. However, the “leaked” images and details do look quite conclusive to me.

Are you excited about the prospect of playing a Super Smash Bros. inspired brawler with a star-studded Warner Bros roster? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: NetherRealm/WB Games