Website Update Sparks New Hope For Alan Wake 2

Could Alan Wake 2 really be happening? Fans seem to think so, as a dormant Alan Wake page has resurfaced after 10 years of inactivity.

As spotted by The Indian Wire, Alan Wake Facebook page ‘Old Gods of Asgard‘ recently updated its cover photo, marking the first activity on the dormant account since September 2010.

Before you dismiss this one, note that Old Gods of Asgard is the fictional band which appears in Alan Wake. The Facebook page was created as if under the care of the band’s members, Odin Anderson, Tor Anderson, “Fat” Bob Balder and Loki Darkens. While it’s not exactly the same as Remedy Entertainment mysteriously updating their cover image, it’s definitely eyebrow-raising.

Over on Reddit’s r/gamingleaksandrumors subreddit, fans are tentatively hoping that the sudden and unexpected change of cover photo could indicate that developer Remedy Entertainment is gearing up a new game announcement – possibly Alan Wake 2?

It’s important to note that the latest big Alan Wake news came from the release of the AWE DLC for Remedy’s Control – something which wasn’t celebrated by the page at the time. So why the updated image now?

As one Reddit user noted, the success of the AWE DLC has definitely confirmed that the interest in Alan Wake still lives, despite there not having been a new game for 10 years. Could the success of the AWE DLC have been enough to greenlight Alan Wake 2?

It’s hoped so, as the DLC’s end does potentially tease a return to the series, with some fan theories hoping for a game release in 2022.

“If you pay attention to the end of the DLC you’ll notice the mention of contact from Bright Falls, but it’s 2 years away in the future,” commented one Reddit user on the thread. “I’m pretty sure that was an intentionally cheeky nod by the devs through the game to indicate a new Alan Wake game is coming in 2022.”

Only time will tell what’s coming, but keep your fingers crossed – and your eyes peeled – for a next-gen Alan Wake 2!

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

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Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment