Retro Horror ‘Dread Delusion’ Is Like Skyrim Meets Bloodborne, And We Love It

Explore floating islands populated with strange monsters in this spooky, open-world game. The Dread Delusion RPG looks like a surreal Skyrim crossed with Bloodborne.

Prepare to go on a spooky quest through Dread Delusion. We’re loving the look of this upcoming, first-person lo-fi RPG. It’s the perfect unsettling game to play as we approach the season of spooks.

Credit: Lovely Hellplace

Developed by Lovely Hellplace, you can play a demo of the Dread Delusion RPG here and it’s now available to add to Steam wishlists. There’s no set release date yet, but Steam assures us it’s ‘coming soon’. I’m hoping this is out in time for me to thoroughly spook myself this Halloween.

The Clockwork God is emerging

In the meantime enjoy Dread Delusion’s seriously unsettling aura. The description of the game reads:

“At the edge of the world lies the citadel of the Clockwork God, where state-approved magic is regulated by strange machines.

There are whispers of a festering sickness, corrupting the people and the earth alike. Those outside the citadel walls are condemned to drift as twisted, unspeakable things. 

The Clockwork God has calculated that a saviour will emerge. But even God has been known to malfunction, of late.”

The game will send you on a quest to decide the fate of the land. For fans of pacifist runs, the game promises there will always be an alternative to combat. Learn to charm people, pick locks and amass spells and potions to “bend reality to your will”. 

Check out the first trailer here:

YouTube video

What do you think of this retro, spooky RPG? Are you going to try Dread Delusion? Let us know on our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Lovely Hellplace