Where To Find All Legendary Animals In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has several legendary animals for players to find. Their locations are obviously a little difficult to find – if they weren’t, the animals would hardly be called legendary after all.

Where To Find All Legendary Animals In Red Dead Redemption 2

The animals in question include a wolf, a boar, a Bharati grizzly bear, a moose, a bighorn ram, a white bison, a beaver, a buck, a coyote, an elk and a fox. Of course these animals aren’t quite like their ‘regular’ counterparts.

You’ll have to track three clues each to find them…if there is too much activity in the area though, they won’t spawn at all. Set up a camp and try again if that happens. Now, if you don’t want to go looking for the clues, we’re more than happy to tell you the locations of these animals. All you have to do is go and find them on your own – that, we can’t help with.

    • Wolf: Located at Cotorra Spring, west of Bacchus Bridge
    • Boar: Bluewater Marsh, north of Lagras
    • Bharati grizzly bear:¬†¬†Grizzlies East, just north of O’Creagh’s Run
    • Moose: Roanoke Ridge, at the northeast tip of the map
    • Bighorn ram: Cattail Pond, west of Valentine
    • White bison: Lake Isabella, west end of the Grizzlies
    • Beaver: Southwest of Butcher Creek
    • Buck: Northwest of Strawberry
    • Coyote: Scarlett Meadows, northwest of Rhodes
    • Elk: East of Bacchus Station
    • Fox: North of the fence in Rhodes

Whichever of the creatures you first set your sight on, you need to be aware that they are unique, and many are quite tough fights. Prepare well before you go hunting, and remember that once these legendary animals are dead, they’re gone for good.

Always skin and loot them as soon as they are dead or you risk losing out on unique items that you need for crafting talismans. If you leave the animal unlooted, the items will be sent to the nearest Trapper, wherever that may be.

Be sure to equip the right weapons before you get going – the animals you’re hunting will be bigger than their normal counterparts. Take this into consideration as well as the terrain before you begin the hunt. Don’t risk going if your Dead Eye, Health and Stamina aren’t full – especially for animals like the wolf or boar, you’ll regret it quite quickly.

Happy hunting!