How To Fast Travel In Red Dead Redemption 2

Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Fast travel is a player’s best friend in just about any open world RPG, no matter how pretty and varied the environments are. In most games, fast travel is as simple as accessing a certain point to allow players to return to it later and from elsewhere. In some games even that isn’t necessary, and points can be unlocked even more simply.

Well, after your second or third trip, you’ll be desperate for it in this game as well. It’s something you have to unlock as you play – In order to unlock it for yourself, first play through the mission ‘Money lending and other sins’. Hand in your first debt and you’ll be told about the Ledger.

With that comes the possibility to upgrade your camp. While there are several aspects to it, you’ll want to start by upgrading your Lodgings. Once you’ve done so, you can upgrade Arthur’s tent. It’s anything but intuitive, but doing so is what unlocks the ability to fast travel.

Still though, it’s not as simple as opening the map and being on your way. In order to actually use the skill, you’ll have to actually visit Arthur’s tent. Walk around it, to the back, and have a peek at the map there. On it, you can select locations you’ve been to before and travel to them.

You’ll appear there after a transition sequence with your main horse. You still can’t travel from random points in the wilderness, but given the size of the map, even the somewhat limited travelling abilities make playing the game easier.

If you don’t quite like this way of fast travelling, you can also use the stagecoach – most towns and named locations on the map have an icon for it. Like with regular fast travel, you can use the service to go to places you’ve been to before. You can’t use the service while on a horse, during certain missions, on when you need to pay a bounty. Still though, if you can’t yet use regular fast travel and want to quickly get to places, the stagecoach is a great alternative.