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Who Will Win The First Official CoD Warzone Esports Tournament?

The first official Call of Duty: Warzone esports tournament is about to go down and with some of the best players in the world getting ready to duke it out, everyone wants to know just who’s going to scoop the big win. The Twitch Rivals event is the very first official Warzone showdown in partnership with Activision, and it’s set to be one of the most nail-biting streams of the year.

Credit: Twitch Rivals

Streamer and notorious Call of Duty player, Syndicate, is just one of the household names who’ll be entering into play, and he’s definitely one to watch out for.

Along with his trio, Syndicate snagged top spot at the first ever public game of Warzone, and he’s been racking up the kills with the likes of Ali A ever since. In case you missed it, check it out in the video below!

YouTube video

Syndicate isn’t the only big streamer who has a shot at the win though, and as players of Warzone already know, it really can be anyone’s win.

Summit1g, will be entering the match and he’s likely to be taking no prisoners. Quite possibly one of the most experienced (and skilled) players of the Battle Royale genre, Summit1g will definitely be giving the rest of the pro gamers a run for their money. Let’s see how well those Victory Royales translate to Verdansk!

Naturally you can’t talk pro gaming without DrLupo’s name coming up. Checking up on his Fortnite stats should give you an idea of just how heated this Warzone tournament is going to get! Regarded as one of the best Fortnite players in the world, DrLupo is sure to kick up a storm for the rest of the Twitch Rivals combatants. 


One of the biggest players featuring in the event is none other than DrDisrespect. A streamer who’s definitely going to bring some attitude to these matches, expect nothing but the best from one of esports’ top legends.

With some of the best in the business gearing up for battle, including the likes of Anthony_Kongphan, Lirik, Aydan, NickeEh30 and more strapping in for the Twitch Rivals Streamer Showdown, it really is anyone’s game.

Credit: Twitter/Twitch eSports

Check out all of the action as it unfurls on Twitch, starting March 25 at 17:00 CET | 9:00 AM PDT. The tournament will continue with a second stream on March 26 at 17:00 CET | 9:00 AM PDT.


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Featured Image Credit: Activision