Witness The Revival Of The God Game Genre In Fata Deum

The God game genre may not be as prevalent as it once was, but upcoming indie game Fata Deum aims to change that.

Coming to PC in 2021, Fata Deum will put a modern spin on the classic God game genre, offering the gameplay we all know and love with a contemporary spin.

Credit: 42 Bits Entertainment

The game’s official description explains: “Inspired by the god games of old, Fata Deum lets you mould settlements and townsfolk in your image. Will you raise the settlements to splendor, or spur them on to violent debauchery and demons? Watch as a beautiful, living world grows under your whims.”

Fata Deum will allow you to play however you want, whether you opt to be a kind and bountiful creator, or if you want to make life a living hell for your people. You’ll be able to use your mana to “manipulate your settlements, devotees and the fabric of reality itself,” giving you total control over everything you see.

Credit: 42 Bits Entertainment

“During the day, use your influence on the mortals. Will you bless and inspire them onto good work, or strike fear into their hearts with terrifying visions? But be wary, the townsfolk have their own free will,” explains the Steam page.

“At night, you can manipulate settlements. Instruct the mortals to build you mighty temples for worship, farms and lumber mills so that they may prosper, or even to ruin other villages.”

Credit: 42 Bits Entertainment

With the freedom to do anything, will you bless your mortal followers or shower them with nothing but anguish? The choice will be yours!

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Fata Deum is targeting a release date of April 2021, and you can keep on top of all the development news (and wishlist the game!) on Steam here. The successfully-funded Kickstarter can also be found here.

Featured Image Credit: 42 Bits Entertainment