Wordle Twitter Bot Is Spoiling Future Answers

A now suspended Twitter bot called Wordlinator has been spoiling future words for players of Wordle.

You’ve probably heard about Wordle by now. Or at least, if you haven’t, you’ve seen all the grey, yellow, and green squares that people have been posting on Twitter. It’s a simple game in which you try to guess a five letter word every day, once a day. There’s not much more to it than that, but it is a lovely way to spend 10 minutes every day. Except someone recently set up a bot to spoil tomorrow’s word by replying to Twitter user’s posts about the game.

Originally spotted by NME, software engineer Robert Reichel had reverse-engineered Wordle to find out what the word of the day before it’s live. Details on how this is possible were shared on Reichel’s blog. But then the account Wordlinator was set up, using this information solely to spoil people’s fun. If you tweeted the name Wordle, the bot would respond with a mean comment about the game, and spoiling the following day’s word. Clearly it was a case of someone not liking other people having fun with a silly spelling game. But thankfully the Twitter bot has been suspended now.

It’s not like the bot even had any valid criticisms. Some have rightly pointed out that the wall of emojis are incredibly bad for screen readers. Meaning hard of sight people will have a worse time using Twitter. Instead, the bot was just used for plain old mean purposes. At least the bot is down now, so people can continue to guess their five letter words day by day. Though do consider screenshotting the emojis instead.

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Featured Image Credit: Josh Wardle