The Worst Gaming Scenes For Your Mum to Walk In On

Whether it’s something extremely graphic, overtly sexual, or just downright weird, watching some cutscenes can make things get pretty awkward, fast. This is especially true when your console is in the living room.

Here are some of the worst gaming scenes for your mum to walk in on.

Trevor’s Introduction in GTA 5

If you’ve played GTA 5, you were probably expecting this one. Trevor is instantly portrayed as a dirty, sexual psychopath. Not only is there full blown sex in the Trevor introduction scene, but it’s very trashy sex.

After that, things get worse. Eventually, the scene ends with Trevor walking out of his house, getting into an argument and stomping somebody to death.

We wish we could say this was the worst of GTA 5, but the game is a complete minefield for awkward moments for your mum to walk in on.

Trevor Tortures In GTA 5

The Trevor intro scene would be shocking for your mum to see, but the scene where Trevor straps somebody to a chair and tortures them is pretty shocking for anybody to see.

Letting your mum see the torture scene in GTA 5 is definitely going to make her question why you’re playing such violent video games. This scene is pretty much as violent and disturbing as GTA can get.

GTA 5 Strip Club

Everybody has been to the GTA 5 strip club at least once, right? It’s unavoidable. But what is avoidable is having your mum walk into the room whilst you’re in the strip club. There’s literally no way to talk yourself out of this one.

Fable 3 Sex Scenes

A big portion of Fable 3 is about progressing a relationship with an NPC and building a family with them. The lead up to building a family includes a lot of flirting and eventually a little of steamy action in the bedroom.

Thankfully, Fable 3 makes the screen go black during sex scenes so you won’t see anything. This ultimately means your mum won’t see anything, either. However, to make up for the lack of visuals, the developers for Fable 3 made sure the characters made a lot of noise instead. Moaning and phrases like ‘oooh you are naughty!’ will blare out of your TV speakers.

If you’re not expecting this, having this play with your mum in the next room is sure to cause some awkwardness.

Actually, any Fable Sex Scenes

Now that we think about it, the feature above was actually in every Fable game. Thanks Lionhead for making family mealtime awkward for kids that grew up in the 2000s.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Airport Scene

So far, there has been a very sexual theme for most of the video game scenes we’ve shared. This next one takes things somewhere else.

If your parents are the kind of people that turn their nose up at video games with violence in it, it’d probably be difficult for them to bare watching you play any scene in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s campaign.

There is one scene, however, that’s definitely going to question whether what you’re playing is going to cause any lasting harm. That scene is, of course, the airport scene on the No Russian level.

During this scene, you’re obstructed to shoot down innocent civilians as you walk through the airport. Killing civilians isn’t new or particularly disturbing, but the way this scene was portrayed made you feel very guilty with the controller in your hands.

Leblanc’s Massage Mini Game In Final Fantasy X-2 HD

Alright, back to sexual themes it seems. Letting your mum see violent content is definitely going to lower her opinion of video games, but it’s the awkward sexual moments that will get your parents questioning whether to take your console away or not.

In Final Fantasy X-2 HD there was a small mini game that allowed you to give Leblanc a massage. It could have been fairly mum-friendly, but Square Enix obviously had to go and make it sexual and sensual.

You’re in control of the person giving the massage, and having your parents watch you while you play is just unbearable uncomfortable.

Any Mortal Kombat Fatality

Mortal Kombat is one of the most brutal fighting games in the world and it’s certainly not for the squeamish. The most brutal thing about Mortal Kombat are the Fatalities – These are special end moves that are hard to pull off and are designed to humiliate your opponents.

Every Fatality in Mortal Kombat is unreasonably brutal just for the sake of it. You’ll see your player beat up an opponent whilst X-Ray vision showcases the cracking of bones, the tearing of muscles and the snapping of limbs.

Thankfully, you can choose whether to pull off a Fatality or not. You can’t choose whether another player uses them, so if you want to stop your parents from seeing them, you better win every last fight.

Any Dead or Alive Ending Scene

We’re not talking about the Beach Volleyball games here – absolutely everything in those games would be embarrassing to play in front of your mum.

We’re instead talking about the fighting game franchise that the volleyballs games were based upon. In the Dead or alive fighting games, you can play through the story with each character to learn more about that character and unlock new costumes and characters.

Each story ends with a cutscene that touches on the backstory of that particular character. Some of the cutscenes are safe for work and focus on action and combat, but others are incredibly sexual. It’s like playing russian roulette with whether the ending scene will contain sexual themes or not. If your mum is in the living room, we’d suggest skipping any cutscenes for female characters.


What are your thoughts on this list? Are there any video game scenes that you think belong on this list too? Let us know!