Worst Mistakes Everybody Makes in Fortnite

We all love to play Fortnite at the moment. The whole world can’t seem to get enough of the 100 man battle royale game. Many of those people, including you reading this, suck. But don’t worry we got you covered. Here is our list of how to improve at Fortnite BR.

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Heading Straight to a Big City

The majority of Fortnite players tend to be extra greedy and jump out of the Battle Bus right above the biggest city they see on the map, but this is not such a great idea. In the first few minutes of the game you’ll probably not have enough weapons and ammunition to be able to get into fights with other people and this is why you should avoid heading straight towards a big city; and, instead settle for a more innocuous settlement that is partially deserted so that you can loot the houses at your own pace and without the fear that you’ll get shot at by enemies.

Overlooking Building Materials

We know that Fortnite is the kind of game where you’ll want go in all guns blazing but the end game is usually won by working with a plan in mind, and building structures is the best thing you could do to achieve success. Having a variety of good weapons and plenty of ammo are two very important objectives but building materials will prove to be vital during the stormy nights so you’ll always have to be careful and gather enough household resources if you want to be able to survive in the long run. All in all, in Fortnite, guns are great, but bricks and wood planks will also prove to be very handy in a pinch.

Using the Wrong Weapon

The assault rifle is the best all-around weapon in the entire game and even though you might get so attached to it that you practically glue it to your palms, it would be wise to take the other options that are in your inventory into consideration. For example, a pumpkin launcher, a shotgun and even some explosives will prove to be perfectly viable alternatives that will help you in situations when an assault rifle would probably fail. And here is yet another piece of advice: rapidly switching between weaponry is your definite lifesaving move in Fortnite, so by all means, practice until you become the best gunslinger in the game.

Forgetting to Build

The main advantage you have in Fortnite is that you can build your very own shield wherever you are, so when you get yourself surrounded by enemies and there is no way out, think outside of the box and put together a small shelter that you can get cover in. Forgetting to build useful structures is definitely one of the worst mistakes you could commit while playing this game and if you’re going to watch let’s plays done by well-prepared players you’ll see that they tend to put together buildings more often than they shoot.

Underestimating Sound

When you’re playing fast paced survival games, listening to environmental sounds is vital because in this way you can predict the direction an enemy is approaching from, or you can hear if there is a battle close to you. Thankfully, Fortnite has a very unique sound selection that is not only very easily recognizable but also loud and clear enough to give you all the necessary hints when it comes to engaging into combat with more than just the sense of sight. In conclusion, underestimating sound can turn out to be one of those apparently innocent mistakes that are in fact crucial to the outcome of your gameplay.

Not Sorting Your Inventory

There’s nothing worse than a messy inventory where weapons mix up with building materials, aiding kits and miscellaneous loot and we are not saying this because we are some kind of superior beings who are always tidy, however, in a game like Fortnite, when you need to switch between guns in a matter of seconds, you’ll surely want to not be pointing a piece of wood towards the enemy by mistake. All in all, keeping a clear head as well as a clean inventory are two of the easiest ways of avoiding small yet fatal mistakes that could get you killed.

Hope this has helped you!