Xbox Boss Believes Halo Infinite Doesn’t Need Battle Royale

It’s needless to say that the battle royale genre has taken the realm of multiplayer gaming by storm. However, according to Xbox’s Phil Spencer, Halo Infinite doesn’t need a battle royale mode.

During a recent conversation with IGN, the Xbox boss delved into how Halo Infinite intends to use a traditional approach to multiplayer:

Credit: 343 Industries

“With a lot of the innovations and evolutions that have happened in FPS multiplayer over the years, there was something very pure about coming back to a Halo Arena experience and how clean it was and how tight the gameplay loop was. Right now on our platform there are not a lot of games that are going back to that tried and true formula and perfecting what they have, and I think that’s what the goal of this team is.”

Halo Infinite isn’t a “make or break” moment for the franchise

Spencer also clarified that he doesn’t think Halo Infinite is a “make or break” moment for the franchise. In fact, the vice president believes Halo will be around for many years to come:

“Halo will be here 10 years from now. Is Infinite the lynchpin for whether or not it survives that long? Absolutely not. The game has such a rabid fanbase and such a history and lore that it’s just an IP that’s going to be with us. We don’t take that for granted, but I definitely believe that in my core. I never want to put a team in a position where they feel like, ‘Hey, this one’s gotta land or who knows,'”

Credit: 343 Industries

Of course, Halo Infinite is set to be a “live service” game, which means the experience will grow and evolve. Therefore, the game could take advantage of any new gaming trends throughout its life on the market. Who knows, while Halo Infinite apparently doesn’t need a battle royale mode, perhaps it’ll get one anyway somewhere down the line.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries