Xbox Games Pass Titles Coming Soon Include Need For Speed Unbound

Microsoft has announced the next bunch of games arriving to the Xbox Games Pass in late June, early July. Let’s take a look. 

With Xbox Games Pass already giving us a wide selection of games for the first half of June, the remaining weeks are not letting up.

With everything from racing games to narrative adventures, retro arcade games to Nordic fables, there’s something for everyone. 

Xbox Games Pass Titles Coming Soon

First up is Need For Speed Unbound which will be available from June 22. If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play member, you can team up with friends and take on the streets later this week. With new events and daily challenges to rack up that XP, there’s more to this racing game than just putting pedal to the metal.
(Available for Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X/S). 

The Bookwalker also arrives on June 22. This narrative adventure has you take on the role of Etienne Quist, a-writer-turned-thief. With the power to dive into books, you must use your abilities to dive between worlds and steal some of the world’s most sought after items. Get your hands on everything from Excalibur to Mjolnir in this epic tale.
(Available for Console and PC). 

The Bookwalker (Credit: Do My Best, Games)

Bramble: The Mountain King will be available from June 27. This grim adventure inspired by Nordic fables takes place in the twisted land of Bramble. On a mission to rescue your sister, you must face dangerous enemies, broken terrain and the occasional troll. Be careful where you step as you call upon your Spark of Courage to keep you alive.
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC). 

Next up is the metroidvania game, F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch which arrives on June 27. This action game takes place in Torch City where you must take on the role of Rayton, a former soldier and rabbit. Traverse this platformer, take on enemies in epic combat and explore a map connected by tunnels and shortcuts. 
(Available for Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X/S).

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Credit: Marvelous)

For farming sim fans, you can grab Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town from June 29. In the reimagining of Story of Seasons, you are tasked with bringing life to Mineral Town. Tend to your farm, meet friends both old and new, cook and fish your way to hearty meals and even fall in love. 
(Available for Console and PC). 

Arcade Paradise is a 90’s-fuelled retro arcade adventure that is available from July 3. This light-management sim tasks you with running your very own arcade. That means you are in charge of quite literally everything. Manage profits, clean gum off surfaces, do the laundry and turn an old laundromat into an epic arcade.
(Available for Console and PC). 

Arcade Paradise (Credit: Nosebleed Interactive)

Last but not least, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is a xianxia/shenmo-themed fantasy action-adventure role-playing video game. Available from July 5, you can enter a realm that ties ancient mythology together with a modern Asian aesthetic. With the choice of three clans – Human, Deity, and Demon – you can control your characters each with their own unique abilities and skill sets.
(Available for Console and PC). 

So there you have it! Which game are you most excited for in the Xbox Games Pass? Let us know across our social media platforms.