Xbox Series X Price & Release Date Officially Confirmed By Microsoft

Microsoft has finally revealed the price and release date of its next generation console, the Xbox Series X.

Credit: Microsoft

According to the official Microsoft website, the Xbox Series X will retail for $499 USD – though the company notes this is the estimated retail price. You’ll also be able to purchase the console for “$34.99/mo. for 24 months with Xbox All Access.”

The Xbox Series X will officially launch on November 10, with preorders going live this month, on September 22.

Credit: Microsoft/343 Industries

Revealing the news, Xbox top dog Phil Spencer adds a little more on what we can expect from the console, confirming once again that it is four times as powerful as the Xbox One.

“We know you expect the next generation of consoles to set new standards in graphical power and processing speed, converging together in games that look incredible and feel alive,” writes Spencer. “This will be defined by worlds that are visually astounding and immediately immersive, with innovative leaps in CPU, GPU and storage technology to give you frictionless access to new stories and new creators constantly.

Credit: Microsoft

“We’ve been using Xbox Series X in our internal Takehome program and are energized by the feedback we’ve been receiving. At Xbox we value being open and transparent with you, and I’m proud to be able to share details about some of the technologies we are enabling for the next generation, and look forward to boldly sharing more as we head towards launch.”

Credit: Sony

With both the Xbox Series S and now the Series X receiving price points, it’s time for Sony to show its hand with the PlayStation 5 price! At the time of writing, neither the PlayStation 5 nor its disc-less baby brother have received a price point or a release date. The ball is officially in your court, Sony!

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft