Xbox Teases Never-Before-Seen Game Which Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

An Xbox executive has teased a brand-new IP is coming from Xbox Game Studios – one which will apparently “blow your mind.”

Xbox Cloud Gaming beta
Credit: Microsoft

The claim was made in a recent GamesRadar interview, where Xbox head of gaming services marketing Ben Decker teased the upcoming new title.

We have 23 studios across Xbox and Bethesda, working on Halo, Forza, Fallout, and new IP that we haven’t even talked about yet that’s gonna blow your mind. We can deliver all of that into Game Pass on day one,” Decker told the publication.

Xbox series x
Credit: Microsoft

What this “new IP” could be is, of course, up for speculation. While many are hopeful for a new game in existing series such as Fallout or Forza, a “new IP” (intellectual property) will be a brand-new and never-before-seen franchise.

Whatever’s coming, it’s hopefully going to be an Xbox exclusive, as Microsoft is arguably in desperate need of some first-party exclusives. Halo Infinite was set to be the console’s flagship title, before it was delayed from its original planned launch alongside the Xbox Series X|S. The Microsoft exclusive is now set to ship sometime in 2021, likely towards the end of the year.

Halo and xbox logo
Credit: Microsoft/343 Industries

While Xbox does have some exclusives, such as Bloober Team’s horror The Medium, Microsoft is lacking behind Sony’s list of first-party hits, which include the likes of God of War, The Last of Us, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima.

Whatever Microsoft has up its sleeve for the Xbox Series X|S and its game line-up, we definitely can’t wait to see it. Especially if it’s set to “blow your mind“!

Xbox consoles side by side
Credit: Microsoft

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