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Xbox’s Best E3 Announcements Weren’t For Its Own Games

Oh dear.

Credit: GameByte/Microsoft E3

E3 2019 kicked off in style with Microsoft’s conference which showed off a massive 60 games and gave us some information about its next console, Project Scarlett.

Microsoft had the chance to really make this E3 one to remember as Sony decided to turn down having a conference, therefore leaving the stage for Xbox.

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Credit: GameByte/Microsoft E3

Unfortunately, not everyone was overwhelmed with Xbox’s show this year, with social media being generally pretty disappointed with Microsoft’s offerings.

The most popular game of the show was, of course, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, which was given a release date by the one and only Keanu Reeves.

Although that’s a seriously exciting reveal, it’s not an Xbox exclusive title, and it’s not something that went unnoticed by fans.


Credit: CD Projekt Red

It was rumoured that the next-generation Xbox, Project Scarlett, would be unveiled in the flesh at the event. Sadly, we got lots of specs and information, but we haven’t actually gotten to see the thing yet. Again, this left something of a bitter taste in fans’ mouths.

E3 has come under fire in the past for being nothing more than a showmanship challenge between Sony and Xbox (sorry, Nintendo). Post-E3 social media posts often discuss who “won” the show, and even without Sony, it seems that sad state of affairs still exists.

On Twitter, people were quick to voice their disappointment in Xbox’s conference, criticising Microsoft for failing to deliver even without Sony there.

Credit: E3/Microsoft

One user tweeted: “Was worse than last year!!! How the f*ck have they managed this… they had the stage to show why Xbox is the better console… But nope, this is why PS4 will forever be the better console!

“Avengers Reveal tomorrow night, I hope it doesn’t disappoint!”

Another said: “The worst E3 I’ve seen. Recycled gears of war and halo… I’m done with this console. Sony never disappoint with their groundbreaking exclusives.”

Probably the main disappointment was the lack of a Fable 4 announcement. It’s something fans have been waiting for, and with lots of rumours of its reveal floating around, it’s a sad day for lots of fans.

Not everyone was let down by Xbox’s conference though, with thousands of people loving the event and desperately looking forward to the many, many games coming to Xbox in the next few months.

Did you enjoy Xbox’s E3 2019 conference?

Featured Image Credit: GameByte/E3

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