XXXTentacion made plans to Stream with Pewdiepie Before he Died

Pewdiepie recently revealed in his latest meme review video on YouTube that he and XXXTENTACION had talked and they had plans to go on live stream together.

As it turns out, Pewdiepie was really inspired by X’s music and despite X’s past, he looked up to him as an artist. As it turns out, XXXTENTACION was actually a big gamer himself and he even uploaded gameplay videos to his YouTube channel occasionally.

Here’s everything Pewdiepie had to say about XXXTENTACION and also some insights into how X was a big gamer at heart. He was one of us.

Pewdiepie’s Message About XXXTENTACION Was Heartfelt

Pewdiepie runs a regular show on his YouTube channel called meme review. Usually, this is the time and space for a lot of laughter and an overview of some of the hottest memes circulating around the internet.

However, at the end of Pewdiepie’s latest meme review video, he took a minute to talk seriously about XXXTENTACION. Pewdiepie mentioned a few things about his thoughts on X, and also his opinions on some of the memes that have been posted online since he passed away.

Pewdiepie said, “I just wanted to dedicate to XXXTENTACION that passed away recently. It was confirmed he was shot dead in Florida. He was supposed to do this charity thing as well. It was really heartbreaking.”

“I found X through memes. He was sort of part of creating this meme rap movement. Where rap music would become popular through memes. Obviously standing its own ground. But I think that a lot of people found XXXTENTACION through memes.”

“He gave us a lot of great memes. But most of all, he gave us a lot of great music.”

“I thought he was an inspiring artist. He took his own path, he made his own moves. I really, really, like, genuinely, like a lot of his songs. I hope that whoever shot him down will be brought to justice.”

Pewdiepie continued by sharing his distaste for some of the memes that have been posted about X since he passed away. “I’ve seen a lot of people posting super edgy memes about it. It’s just so cringy in my opinion. Rest in piece X, you will be missed.”

Interestingly, Pewdiepie and XXXTENTACION had actually talked with each other in the past as well. Pewdiepie mentioned during his latest video that they had talked, and X even asked if they could do a live stream together.

Whilst talking about X, Pewdiepie said: “We even spoke a little bit. I talked to him a little bit. And he wanted to go on live stream with me.”

It was clear that X was a big fan of Pewdiepie and not only that, X was a huge gamer at heart.

XXXTENTACION’s History As A Gamer

Whilst most people know XXXTENTACION for his music, but not many people know about how much he loved video games. In fact, X used to occasionally play games and upload footage to his YouTube channel.

X had a few videos of him playing PUBG and he had also played League of Legends previously with a Twitch streamer. I’m not sure what X had planned to do with Pewdiepie, but I had imagined that he would have wanted to play PUBG with him on live stream.

It’s been a popular trend recently to see big name rappers joining up with Twitch streamers and YouTubers to play games. For example, Drake recently streamed Fortnite with Ninja. It proves that time and time again, video games can bring us together, no matter the differences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re super famous and rich or just your everyday person, everybody can connect through video games.

It turns out that X was actually super hardcore into League of Legends just before his death. X didn’t play ranked, but he did have level 5 on Heimerdinger and Yasuo. He also played Caitlyn, Lux, and Veigar occasionally.

XXXTENTACION’s Death Explained

Unfortunately, nobody quite knows who shot X, but he was shot in the neck and died instantly on June 18th.

Currently, the general idea is that it was a robbery gone wrong. X was seen in a black Lamborghini so he could have been the target of a robbery. So far, it doesn’t seem like his death had any connection to his popularity, music, or past life.

Obviously, the details haven’t been fully ironed out yet and tragically the killers have not been found. Police in the area have put up a $3,000 bounty for any anonymous information that could lead to the suspects’ arrest.

X’s neighbors said that he was ‘quiet but friendly’ and that he was working on renovating his home before he died.

Despite what seems like a random event, X went live on Instagram shortly before his death, giving an eerie message to those that watched.

X said: “If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy.”

“Or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me.”

Whilst X will be remembered as a great artist, there was a lot of controversy surrounding him. X had a violent past and had certain behavior that should not be accepted.

Regardless of all that, X was still a great musician and it was clear that before he passed away he was working hard to improve himself as a person and become a good member of his community.

Another important thing to note is that X’s music was always designed to be there as an outlet for his fans. XXXTENTACION was very passionate about creating music to help those that were suffering from mental illness and depression.

Despite X’s passing, his music will live on and the message he tried to portray through his music will reach more people than ever before. Rest in piece, XXXTENTACION.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Did you know about XXXTENTACION before the news broke out, or are you only hearing about him now?

The video where Pewdiepie talked about X can be seen here. He starts his talk at 10:30.