You Can Buy a Controller Skin With Your Mate’s Face On It

Have you ever been playing against one of your mates online, and the cheating b*stard has camped so hard that they may as well have set up a tent? At these times in life, the one thing you would love to do is throw them against a wall, right? Okay, maybe not. But there’s now a way to make throwing your controller feel ever so much more satisfying. You can get a skin with your mate’s face all over it.

I’m not even joking. If you have the urge, you can 100% wind your friend up more than they’ve ever been wound up before. And all for the fairly reasonable price of £9.99. You can’t go wrong with that, really.


The website description says: “An all-inclusive entertainment gaming console, the XBOX range provides you a lot of agility when it comes to gaming and entertainment. Not only can you play the games you love, you can add premium apps, talk to your gaming friends via Skype, and play an assortment of games via a multi-platform design.

“So, with those kinds of amenities, you only want the best of the best cover for your XBOX console and controller. Fortunately, you can find the protection that you’re seeking with the Wrappz XBOX ONE skin kit. Not only are the custom XBOX ONE skins designed to resist scrapes and scratches, they can be customised with lettering and images. The XBOX ONE skins are made of a 3M vinyl that can be easily removed leaving no residue behind. The protective XBOX ONE skin provides easy access to all ports and keys of your console.”

If your partner is forever on their console and doesn’t give you enough attention, why not get your own face all over their controller? At least then they’ll always know that you’re watching them.

Or, for the animal lovers among you, why not get your dog/cat’s face all over it? The possibilities are endless.

You can get your own skin for XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 and even your Kinect.


The item specifics are: White 3m patented removable vinyl, contains micro-channels to prevent air bubbles during application, leaves no residue during removal, strong laminate protective film applied for extra protection, the finished skin is only 0.15mm thick and you simply peel from backing sheet and apply.

So if you do get bored of staring at the same face every day, you can swap them out for another one. Sweet.

Get yours here.