You Can Get Paid £40 An Hour To Tutor Kids While Playing Xbox

The rise of professional gaming is pretty mind blowing, though it’s only the top players in the world who can actually make any decent money from the whole thing.

That means casual gamers, like you and I, probably don’t stand much of a chance in earning a living from sitting on Call of Duty all night.

However an online tutoring agency is looking for tutors to teach kids English, maths and languages while you both play video games.

You could even earn a very impressive £40 an hour for doing so.

For the longest time, video games have probably been one of the biggest blames for kids not revising or doing homework. Turns out we may have been wrong the whole time though.

Research has shown that just one hour of video gaming can increase the brain’s ability to focus, as it improves visual selective attention.

It’s even been suggested that expert gamers have “more brain activity associated with attention than non-experts.”


So how does it work?

Essentially tutors discuss learning material with their students while playing their favourite video games together. Regular breaks will be scheduled where students can complete the work while concentrating fully, before jumping back online.

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House – the company offering the service – said: “There are loads of children who cannot concentrate in usual teaching environments, however that is normally the only option they’re given. We should always be thinking of new ways to make learning more enjoyable for children and, as kids spend a lot of their free time on video games now, it seemed like a great idea to combine the two.

“We’re hoping that by offering children a ‘gaming’ tutor, it’ll get them more excited for learning and help their brains function more efficiently.”

Tutors can work remotely and earn £30 an hour, all they need is access to their own console and chosen game. If you want to bump that up to £40 an hour you can even tutor in person.

You can sign up through Tutor House by submitting a CV with your qualifications and what subjects you can teach. You’ll also need to include what consoles and games you have access to, as well as sharing your skill level.

Words by Brad Lengden