You Can Now Buy A Phone Case That You Can Play Games On

Have you ever been sat on a train, or a bus, or any form of transportation really, and your phone’s died? Of course you have. It’s happened to pretty much everyone. Then, you realise in disdain that you’ve left your portable charger/charging cable at home, or the only plug near you is currently being used by someone else. It’s a nightmare. But luckily, SeeMore has got the product that’s about to change your life. A phone case that you can play games on.


Look how cool that is. You can play Tetris, Battle City, Frogger… loads.

The description reads: “Big fun in a small package. Inspired by the iconic original game boy, the classic retro games handheld phone case features the world’s most popular video games in the form of a mobile phone case. Sit back relax and enjoy various classic games while trying to kill time. The Retro Phone Case provides a comfortable feel and grip with sensitive keys and easy operation. The ideal gift for self, family, friends, relatives, and gamers.”


There’s also some handy specs for you to get your teeth into:

  • Looking for your childhood memories? This phone case comes with multiple classic games such as Tetris, Battle City, Shooters, and more.
  • Soft Plastic and TPU materials Protect Your Mobile Phone
  • Suitable for iPhone 6/6 s, 6/6 s plus, 7/7 plus, 8/8 plus and iPhone X.
  • Product Includes: Phone Case x 1, Button batteries x 2, Instructions x1″

Well, I’m sold. It looks cool as f*ck and it’s actually useful.


You can buy your very own case here.