Take my money.

You Can Now Buy A Phone Case That You Can Play Games On

Have you ever been sat on a train, or a bus, or any form of transportation really, and your phone’s died? Of course you have. It’s happened to pretty much everyone. Then, you realise in disdain that you’ve left your portable charger/charging cable at home, or the only plug near you is currently being used by someone else. It’s a nightmare. But luckily, SeeMore has got the product that’s about to change your life. A phone case that you can play games on.

Credit: SeeMore.store

Look how cool that is. You can play Tetris, Battle City, Frogger… loads.

The description reads: “Big fun in a small package. Inspired by the iconic original game boy, the classic retro games handheld phone case features the world’s most popular video games in the form of a mobile phone case. Sit back relax and enjoy various classic games while trying to kill time. The Retro Phone Case provides a comfortable feel and grip with sensitive keys and easy operation. The ideal gift for self, family, friends, relatives, and gamers.”

Credit: SeeMore.store

There’s also some handy specs for you to get your teeth into:

  • Looking for your childhood memories? This phone case comes with multiple classic games such as Tetris, Battle City, Shooters, and more.
  • Soft Plastic and TPU materials Protect Your Mobile Phone
  • Suitable for iPhone 6/6 s, 6/6 s plus, 7/7 plus, 8/8 plus and iPhone X.
  • Product Includes: Phone Case x 1, Button batteries x 2, Instructions x1″

Well, I’m sold. It looks cool as f*ck and it’s actually useful.


You can buy your very own case here.