You Can Now Buy Custom Pokémon Cards Featuring Your Pet 

Pokémon cards were the it-toy (collectible?) of the 1990s, and some of the cards are still worth an absolute fortune to this day. 

But have you ever wanted a Pokémon card that’s a little more…relatable?  

An Etsy seller by the name of WildpetsCreations is creating custom Pokémon cards of your pets and they’re the best things ever. 

WildpetsCreations (otherwise known as Stephanie Parcus) will draw up your pet based on an image you send and will add in any attacks of your choice. 

The cards are almost entirely customisable, allowing you to pick your pet’s Pokémon type (fire, grass, water, lighting, psychic, fighting, colourless, steel, dark and fairy) as well as its Pokémon species (including everything from feline to Legendary).  

Other customisable options include number, rarity and weakness. 

The best part is that you can even customise your pet’s attacks, with some of the previous cards including “Sonic Meow,” “Haz Snack?”, “Judgemental Glare,” “Iron Tail” and “Toxic Toots.” 

Check out her video below!

YouTube video

On the Etsy listing Stephanie writes: “About the image… you can choose a specific pose, background, add objects like toys or anything you want.  

“Maybe you have 1 picture where your Pokémon looks awesome and want me to use that same pose? If you don’t have any preference I’ll make sure you pet will be an awesome Pokémon anyway!” 

She goes on to confirm that your pet card will be of the highest quality, stating: “The front of the card is printed on a thin special paper called high resolution paper.  

“It will be inserted together with a real card inside a transparent card sleeve. See the video linked above to verify the final results!” 

Stephanie also showcases her gorgeous art over on Twitch if you want to see more. 

The card will ship from Italy, but you’ll get yourself a digital download to tide you over in the meantime! 

Check her cards out over on Etsy right here. 

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