You Can Now Fight Geralt As Bernie Sanders, Because Memes

Have you ever wanted to play as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in a 3D fighting game? Good, me too.

bernie meme

You’ll be pleased to know that thanks to a talented modder, Bernie can now fight for social justice using plain old violence in Soul Calibur 6.

Bernie’s inclusion in the game means that now players can knock some lumps out of the likes of Geralt of Rivia using the Vermont politician, all while still sitting in cosy inauguration mode [via PCGamer]. 

YouTube video

Let’s be frank, we’re probably going to see the Bernie Sanders Sitting meme everywhere this year. The last time Sanders became a meme, it became almost mandatory to use it in every situation possible. At least with this mod, Bernie gets to become more than just a static satirical image (although, he’s lacking any sort of animation).

The mod was created by Deviantart user “user619”, who replaced the game’s character creator with a 3D modelled version of the politician sitting in a chair. The result is both hilarious and unsettling, as Bernie lays into his opponents without moving a muscle. In a way, it feels like he’s some sort of weird meta RPG boss, with axes flailing at his side and magical aura’s emanating from his body, all while just being the image of a harmless old man.

if you’d like to wield the power of Bernie for yourself, you can do so by visiting the creators Deviantart page. User619 has a whole host of mods available on their page, from being able to play as Pikachu in Super Lucky’s Tale to even being able to replace Geralt with King. K. Rool in The Witcher 3.

Who knows, perhaps User619 can finally do what it takes to get Bernie to get up from his chair, unleashing his true power in Super Saiyan form!

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Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco/DeviantArt:User619