You Can Now Get A Mario Super Star For Your Christmas Tree

It’sa festive!

Credit: Pixabay/Nintendo/GameStop

Stop the presses because Christmas 2019 has been won with this fully licensed and fully awesome Super Mario Bros. tree topper. Featuring the iconic Super Mario Super Star, this battery-powered beauty is a must-have Christmas accessory for all of the geeks in your life.

Credit: Nintendo/GameSpot

As spotted by ComicBook, the star promises to light up your life for eight hours before needing a battery change, and it’s probably the only tree topper you can keep up all year round. The Super Mario Bros. Super Star Tree Topper isn’t going to break the bank either. You can pick one up at GameStop now for only $19.99 USD.

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However, if you’re over in the UK (like me, sob) don’t despair – you can get yourself a handmade version over on Etsy thanks to seller NerdlyNecessities. These ones are definitely a little pricier, but at least you can get them shipped abroad!


The star pictured above doesn’t contain any lights, but instead is lit from within using the lights from the tree. The seller does sell a lit version right here.

Alternatively, there are (at the time of writing) a number of eBay sellers offering international shipping on the GameStop Super Mario Super Star tree topper. Check them out here. If any other UK retailers pop up I’ll be sure to update the article with some links.


Credit: Geekstore

While you’re in the festive spirit, Geekstore is also offering some very stylish Christmas “ugly” sweaters, including this Pikachu design which is exclusive to the online retailer. This bad boy will set you back £39.99, but this one is 100% knitted and features embroidered detailing. Other jumpers in their range include Spyro the Dragon, Fallout and classic Xbox and PlayStation designs.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/GameStop

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