You Can Now Get Married by Duke Nukem, Yes, Seriously

Has getting married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas never appealed to you?  Perhaps you’re a Duke Nukem fan and getting married by the Duke himself is the wedding day of your dreams?  Well my friend, you are in luck, because the voice of the iconic videogame star, Jon St. John has just become a qualified, ordained minister!  The news was revealed on the voice actor’s official Twitter page.

Credit: Duke Nukem

Now, Jon St. John doesn’t look like Duke and he can’t dress-up like Duke during the ceremony, but he can sure as hell sound like the Duke and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me, as there are not many voices as iconic in the world of videogames.

Will you want to get married by the voice of Duke Nukem or perhaps you’d prefer to hold out for a different voice actor to become a qualified minister?  Personally, if I wasn’t married already, getting married by the voice of the Master Chief, Steve Downes would be epic!  Let us know who your dream minister would be via our social media channels.

Also, if you need reminding of the Duke’s voice, check out the video of Jon. St John making a prank phone-call below.

YouTube video