EA Used Stadium Banners From Madden 19 in Madden 20 and the Internet Is Mad

With yearly gaming updates, especially in the sports genre, it’s not unheard of that assets will get re-used.  However, when rehashing old assets it’s still wise to perhaps at least make the effort or have the awareness to update them; otherwise eagle-eyed gamers will call you out on the oopsie, like a WWE Superstar during Wrestlemania season.

Credit: EA

Unfortunately for Electronic Arts, the developers of Madden 20 have made that very oopsie and fans on Reddit have been calling them out.  So what’s the issue exactly?  Well, a fan playing the latest Madden instalment noticed a certain in-game stadium sponsorship advertising last year’s game, Madden 19!

Now of course, if you wanted to be optimistic, you could say that EA are deliberately advertising last year’s game, but in truth, no one is going to buy Madden 19, when then they already own Madden 20, unless it’s a cheap second-hand copy with you wanting to mop-up some Trophies or Achievements.  So the likelihood is that EA has re-used last year’s assets and have completely forgotten to update them.

I’m sure EA will fix this error as quickly as possible via an update, but as we all know, what appears on the internet, forever stays on the internet.  We all make mistakes and it won’t be the first or last one that we’ll see, so if you can remember any funny in-game oversights, share them with us via our social media channels.

Featured image creidt: EA Games and Madden 2020