You Can Now Make Money By Teaching Others How To Play Fortnite

Fortnite has spawned a whole host of lucrative side-businesses for fans. From selling premium accounts to those who might be a little less skilled in the realm of Battle Royale, to trying to flog consoles at a higher price because of “rare” installations. 

If you’re looking to cash in with Fortnite then you might be in luck, as it’s being reported that close to 1500 people have been hired by parents to tutor their kid in the art of the battle game. 

Contracting websites such as GamerSensei allow people to advertise their skills in the hopes of being selected for a tutoring role. 

One of the most highly-rated Fortnite tutors is Kris ‘ConvertibleFN’ Nara, who boasts a five-star rating from 31 patrons. 

Listing his skills, he’s noted as an “Experienced Coach for extremely well known Professional Players, Head Coach for Samsung’s Fortnite Team” and that’s just the tip of the iceburg. 

He usually charges $25 an hour for a session, but has various discounts and bundles available if you’re looking for multiple lessons. 

One of his glowing reviews says: “Great lesson and I would highly recommend Convertible. I am a beginner and my son is an intermediate player and we both got a LOT out of our first lessons. We are already looking forward to our next lesson. Convertible is extremely patient and very positive in the way he teaches. Everything we learned he not only taught how to do it but also why or when to do it. I would not hesitate to book lessons with him again!” 

The website doesn’t just specialise in Fortnite – you can find yourself a tutor in almost any gamer you can imagine, so even if the free-to-play battle game isn’t your forte, you could still earn big buck by teaching others how to play games including Overwatch, League of Legends and even Rocket League.

Who said gaming was a waste of time?

If you’ve got the experience, the patience and the know-how to teach others the ways of the game then you could earn yourself a decent amount of cash. And there’s definitely worse jobs out there than Fornite Coach! 

Would you be willing to step up to the plate? Or would you need a few private lessons first…?