You Can Now Play As Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu has been a central part of Resident Evil Village since day one. Whether you’ve got a thing for Femme Fatales, or she just strikes fear into your heart, Lady D is a pretty iconic antagonist. However, thanks to a recent mod, you can walk in the heels of the vampiric vixen as a playable protagonist [via GameRevolution].

Lady Dimitrescu window
Credit: Nexusmods/xRaq

Created by xRaq, the mod essentially replaces Ethan Winters with Lady Dimitrescu. Of course, if you’re in this for the height, don’t get your hopes up.

The mod is more of a skin than an actual playable character, meaning the real lady of the house is still two feet taller than you. Still, there’s something pretty amusing about Lady Dimitrescu chasing a smaller version of herself. Basically, this is a playable Resident Evil version of that Spider-Man meme.

Lady Dimitrescu Knife
Credit: Nexusmods/xRaq

As for how to get the mod up and running? Well, you’ll need to head over to xReq’s Nexusmods page. You’ll also need to install Fluffy Manager, which allows the mod to be installed.

Once you’ve done that, there should be a new “mod” folder in the game’s files that you can use. This means you’ll be able to simply drag the Lady D files into the folder, and voila! 

Lady Dimitrescu mod
Credit: Nexusmods/xRaq

It’s worth mentioning that there are also tons of other mods available for Resident Evil Village. From transforming your knife into a sword to simply changing Lady D’s dress to black, there’s plenty of alternative ways to play the game.

That being said, xRaq’s playable Lady Dimitrescu mod is probably going to be a fan favourite. I mean, being able to play as a vampire makes every game better, right?

Credit: Capcom

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Featured Image Credit: Nexusmods/xRaq