You Might Soon Be Able To Keep PC And Console Games In One Place

It seems the console war’s self-imposed gap between PC gamers and console fans is getting smaller and smaller, and there’s no shortage of ways in which the likes of Google, Sony and Microsoft are trying to end the battle.

Surprisingly, it’s not only the top dogs of the AAA industry that are looking to be more inclusive, but even the likes of GOG is getting involved.

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It’s emerged [via PCGamer] that GOG is hard at work to try and streamline your games collection by allowing you to store your console and your PC games together in one Steam-like client.

Sounds interesting, right?

Known as GOG Galaxy 2.0, the new client promises to combine all of your games, online friends, and general data under one roof.

Credit: GOG

It’ll work by connecting the client to your various accounts (like PSN) and platforms, importing your libraries and adding your friends lists.

Galaxy 2.0 will essentially be an umbrella that keeps all your various gaming bits and bobs safe and dry, with a GOG rep saying the endgame is “to have all major platforms officially integrated in the app.”

Presumably, that’ll end up including everything from Origin to Xbox, though it’s not known when.

Credit: GOG

Galaxy 2.0 will also be able to track all of your achievements and hours played across all your chosen platforms. Cross-platform chat and different sorting, filtering, and collection options will also be available.

GOG has been quick to address any concerns about data storage though. Although user data will be stored online to allow syncing between your devices, the Galaxy website says “we’re not spying on data from your computer,” and you’ll be able to remove your imported data with just one click.

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If GOG Galaxy 2.0 sounds like something you’d benefit from, you can sign up for the beta right here.

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