Youtuber buys every game on the 3DS and Wii U eShops

With the 3DS and Wii U eShop closing down later this month, a Youtuber has gone ahead and bought every game available on these platforms. 

Youtuber, streamer and video gamer Jirard ‘The Completionist’ Khalil has commemorated the upcoming end of these online shops by buying every game available. With the goal to preserve and “save” these games, Khalil set out on an expensive mission. 

An expensive mission

As you can imagine, a task like this does not come cheap. As a result, Khalil spent a whopping $22.791 USD buying every game available on the shops. You may be thinking why he wanted to do this.

Screenshot of the Wii U eShop
Credit: Nintendo Life

As well as planning to donate the console and storage to the Video Game History Foundation, he also had this to say:

“Lost media is very real as far as video games preservation is concerned, since the industry started we run a daily risk of losing games forever, that’s why this matters. And that’s why I’ve been a long time supporter of nonprofits like the Video Game History Foundation and their efforts to support the preservation of video games code, print media and more.

In fact we started out own charity event Preserved Play, which is an annual charity event to raise money for them, and that’s happening this year on April 15th and 16th on my Twitch channel and I will be donating these consoles and all the storage to Video Game History Foundation in the very end so that all these games can live on. 

So that’s it, it’s done – every available game on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS has been saved – it cost far too much time and way too much money but it was absolutely worth it for the sake of game preservation.”

YouTube video

How did this Youtuber achieve it?

Khalil has said the process was “time consuming” but “worth it.” With the funds raised with help from his sponsors, Khalil managed to buy 866 Wii U games and 1547 3DS games. These were purchased using 464 eShop cards.

As you can imagine, this amount of games required a lot of storage. The end total was 1.2TB on Wii U and 267GB on 3DS.

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Khalil faced some obstacles along the way – namely the eShop limit for Nintendo only allowing a certain amount of funds per digital wallet. Also, with some games requiring Khalil to complete the game before purchasing the DLC, it was time-consuming to say the least.

Youtuber Khalil has managed to preserve all the games that will be disappearing on March 27. This will mean the digital library “lives on”.