YouTuber Has Created Small Custom PS5 Console With A Retro Look

Someone has made a small, custom-made, retro-inspired PS5 console and it looks absolutely awesome!

Whether you managed to get hold of a disc or digital-only, it’s difficult to dispute that the PlayStation 5 console is huge! It certainly brings back memories of the OG PS3 George Foreman grill.

As picked up by GamesRadar, YouTube channel DIY Perks has built a much smaller custom PS5 with a retro style, and they’ve shared the design process in a video.

When taking the PS5 out of its original shell, DIY Perks states that the PS5’s components are surprisingly compact and if it wasn’t for the necessary cooling system, the console would likely be much smaller. Though we know at some point in the future, Sony will likely release a PS5 slim.

Credit: Sony/DIY Perks

DIY Perks fitted the PS5’s inner components into a small, carbon fibre wooden case. The design of this custom PS5 reminds me a little of the retro Atari 2600 from the 1980s.

I wouldn’t ever recommend trying to recreate what DIY Perks has achieved in the video unless you’re supremely talented, but it goes to show that if you have the skill, it’s possible to put the PS5 into a more sleek shell.

YouTube video

Customising your PlayStation 5 console can be considered quite controversial from the perspective of Sony.  Since the PS5 launched there have been a number of conflicts between small businesses selling custom plates for the next-gen console.

I suppose it’s unlikely that Sony would come at DIY Perks for customising their PS5, as it’s not been made available for sale. Though that hasn’t stopped some fans on Twitter from wanting to get their hands on the custom PS5 console.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/DIY Perks