YouTuber Spends $70K On 10-Foot Tall, 500lb PS5

A YouTuber has spent $70,000 on building what is literally the world’s largest functioning PS5 console which comes in at 10ft tall.

YouTuber ZHC spent a huge sum of money on creating the gigantic beast of a console and shared a video on his channel.

worlds biggest ps5
Credit: YouTube/ZHC

ZHC says that this oversized console is 100 times larger than the regular PS5. It not only comes in at 10ft tall but also weighs a massive 500 pounds!

The world’s largest PlayStation 5 also comes with a functioning controller which was demonstrated being used with Minecraft. ZHC’s friends also joined in on the super-sized fun.

In the video ZHC also competed in a friendly competition in which he painted one side of the PS5, and his friends the other side.

YouTube video

If ZHC won he promised to give each of his friends a PS5 and a number of consoles to charity.  However if ZHC lost, he promised to give away the world’s largest PS5.

As predictable as it might seem, ZHC won the friendly competition, but vowed to still give away a hundred PS5 consoles to his subscribers.

An image of both versions of the PlayStation 5, with two DualSense controllers
Credit: Sony

This PS5 console is certainly a room filler and takes up a crazy amount of space. Though I suppose it will guarantee to spark conversation when you have visitors round (and to be fair, it is cool).

Meanwhile in the real world acquiring a PlayStation 5 console is a near impossible task for regular gamers. 

YouTube video

Just in the few days alone I’ve had a PS5 console in my online shopping basket, only for it to be swiped away at the last second. We can only but hope that this insane stock shortage calms down a lot in the near future.

That being said, if you had the money and a large enough house would you buy the world’s largest gaming console? I know that I probably would if I could.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ZHC