Youtuber Videogamedunkey Announces He Is Expecting First Child With Wife Leahbee

Much-loved gaming Youtuber Videogamedunkey has revealed that he and his wife Leahbee are expecting their first child. 

Videogamedunkey – real name Jason Gastrow – has revealed that he is expecting his first child alongside wife Leahbee. He revealed this during a Youtube video posted on July 5 titled ‘Revisiting Uncharted 4.’

What first appeared as a standard video reviewing Uncharted 4 suddenly took a turn when he ended it announcing the upcoming arrival of his first child. 

Videogamedunkey is going to be a father

The Youtuber is most known for posting video game related comedy skits to his 7.39 million subscribers. With his greatest hits including his escapades in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, he is definitely known for bringing wit and chaos to his channel. 

YouTube video

Now it appears he will be teaming up with wife and fellow Youtuber Leahbee to welcome their first child. 

Towards the end of Uncharted 4 where we meet Nate’s daughter Cassie, Dunkey had this to say: “This is the most fulfilling ending I have ever experienced in a video game, and it’s one that takes on a whole new context for me now that me and Leah are having our own daughter because this was actually a baby video the whole time. We’re having a baby everybody.”

He accompanied this announcement with an ultrasound image. 

Leahbee thanks fans

After this reveal, Leahbee took to Twitter to make her own announcement as well as to thank fans for all their well wishes.

Happiest news. Our baby girl due in October!” She revealed.

“tytyty everyone for all the congrats. hard to find words to convey it properly, but starting a family with jason who i find to be my soulmate plus a singularly remarkable person is the coolest to me”.

As you can expect, the pair has received hundreds of congratulations and support from their legion of fans. We for one cannot wait to see “more dunkey.”